News and Analysis 3/21/24

As OXFAM and HRW urge the “Biden administration should follow US law and immediately suspend arms transfers to Israel” …

… Canada has already decided to halt its arms sales to Israel:

A new video “reveals widespread human rights abuses by Hamas fighters and others who followed” them, but also that “many of the worst stories that came out in the days following the attack were false”:

Israel says it killed journalists who posed an “immediate” threat to troops, but a Washington Post investigation “found no indications that either man was operating as anything other than a journalist that day”:

“Halhouli, his brother and four friends, the family says, were lighting fireworks to celebrate the end of another day of Ramadan”:

“I am not so upset about this for my sake. I am more disturbed by the implication of what this says about the museum. It says to me that the policy is fundamentally anti-Palestinian and profoundly racist”:

“[P]eople held in Al-Shifa Hospital, including patients and medical teams, have no access to food and water under the Israeli siege”:

The World Bank calls “for immediate, free, and unimpeded access of medical supplies, food and life-essential services through all available means at speed and scale to the people of Gaza” …

… yet, the “White House did not mention the cut in aid when it voiced broad support Tuesday for the deal in principle reached with Congress, which President Biden pledged to sign immediately if passed”:

“Returning residents to Gaza during a military conflict and a humanitarian crisis is against international law and poses a deliberate risk to innocent lives” — Ran Yaron, Physicians for Human Rights Israel:






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