News and Analysis 3/22/24

“Abdullah Hamayel, 63, told Anadolu that Israeli authorities denied him entry to Jerusalem, claiming that he did not obtain a permit, even though he was carrying his American passport”:

“[T]he Israeli military is systematically destroying Gaza’s health infrastructure in order to drive Palestinians out of their homes” …

… case in point:

“Supporters of an anti-corruption crusader and one of India’s most consequential politicians of the past decade held protests Friday against his arrest”:

“The State Department now has until May to assess if [Israeli] assurances [that they are in compliance with humanitarian law] are ‘credible and reliable’ and report to Congress”:

“Through a series of constitutional amendments, the government wants to remove this universal principle: the right of foundlings and orphans to automatic citizenship”:

“[P]layers who observe Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting and worship that runs this year from March 11 to April 10, will not be permitted to fast while at the Clairefontaine training base”:

38% of Americans 18-29 think Israel’s reasons for fighting are valid compared to 78% of those over 65; 34% of the younger group think Hamas’s reasons for fighting are valid compared to 17% of the elder one:

Ramy Youssef compares telling Muslims that if you don’t voted for Biden you are voting for Trump to telling a DV victim, if you protest being beaten you will be beaten harder:

“[C]ity staff denied their request hours before the meeting, citing a policy against food in the lobby even though the space includes a vending machine, a snack kiosk and an area to congregate”:






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