News and Analysis 3/26/24

“[T]here are reasonable grounds to believe that the threshold indicating Israel’s commission of genocide is met” …

… but Israel is set on completing the job:

“I understood that if I didn’t react, I would lose my life and the lives of many people. Honestly, it was very scary”:

With foreign journalists prevented entry to Gaza, “a nine-year-old Afro-Palestinian girl … [shows] us the plight of so many other Palestinians around her”:

The Zionist war on free speech continues:

“The Israeli obliteration of Palestinian memory … is a genocidal strategy, according to the definition laid out by the Polish-Jewish lawyer … who coined the term ‘genocide’:

The school “drew criticism and even far-right threats after it decided to close to mark the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, as its student body is 40% Muslim”:

“Pentagon officials confirmed three out of the 80 bundles it airdropped into Gaza the same day had parachute malfunctions and fell into the water”:

“The Allahabad High Court’s ruling is unconstitutional, it violates Article 30 of the Constitution that allows for minorities to run own educational institutions”:

Her eldest son was stabbed to death when robbed of a bag of flour, so she fled for the relative safety of al-Masawi, but “conditions are dire and threat of Israeli attacks remain”:






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