News and Analysis 3/28/24

Israel adds attacks on Lebanese paramedics to its attacks on Gaza hospitals:

The judge refuses to explain why he sentenced the men to “three years and two years … for protesting against the regime’s closure of their mosque”:

“Israel bombed at least four homes in Rafah … [and] killed 11 people from a single family”:

“[W]hen I started to tell colleagues of my decision to resign, the response I heard repeatedly was, Please speak for us”:

“It strikes me that, here on Umrah, I am surrounded by persecuted Muslims”:

He “was sentenced to death in accordance with the Islamic law of retribution … on the charge of premeditated murder,” according to the victim’s family’s lawyer:

The victims “repeatedly waved what appeared to be white fabric, in a sign of surrender and to show they did not pose a threat”:

“PA President Mahmoud Abbas fears ‘severe polarization’ within the Fatah movement if Barghouti is released – given his popularity among Palestinians:

“American universities have been at the frontline of efforts to censor and stifle activism over Palestine.” Now, NYU alums “signal to the NYU administration that we will not be silent”:






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