News and Analysis 3/29/24

“While at least 200 leaders from the occupied West Bank have been given permits to enter the area, their congregations are not being allowed access to participate in the service”:

The Court’s order declares, “Palestinians in Gaza are no longer facing only a risk of famine … but that famine is setting in”:

“Whether motivated by attempts to portray my religion as violent, or any other goal, any suggestion that I have sympathy for attacks on law enforcement is shocking and false”:

Staff revolts are breaking out against corporate censorship:

“A religion that grants women more freedom and rights than most has been wrongly used to colonise them for far too long”:

“Palestinian youth, descendants of Holocaust survivors, climate activists, doctors and academics, and students disrupt one of the biggest fundraisers in the history of the Democrat Party”:

As more Christians break free from the Zionist worldview …

… some see the nun’s call to prayer for a rival religious group as “brainwashing,” while others say that “she was implementing the teachings of Jesus” (pbuh):

Is the electorate growing more conservative, or does Malaysia’s turn away from UNMO to PAS reflect “a lack of alternatives” in a difficult time?

“[P]articularly worrying … is {ISIS] deliberate appeal to disaffected young individuals, exploiting grievances and portraying itself as a champion of victims”:






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