News and Analysis 3/31/24

“I am that person that actually has a pocket Constitution on their shelf,” Abdeljawad said after receiving unexpected right-wing support and “hate mail from pro-Israel strangers”:

More staff revolt against censorship, this time at PEN America and at affiliates of the Harvard Medical School …

… and protests everywhere from Philadelphia to Israel:

The motive and identity of the attackers is unknown, but as the victim is a journalist critical of the Iranian regime, “the investigation is being led by the counter-terrorism command”:

The violence continues:

“This organization was set up with foreign funding to work for a foreign government and move the U.S. government to do things for Israel”:

Driven from the home that Rachel Corrie died to defend, the Nasrallah family now lives in Rafah in fear that “their current home could be demolished in a threatened Israel ground invasion”:

Claiming to ban hateful, violent, or intolerant groups, the bill is really aimed at groups that are not hateful, violent, or intolerant at all:

“Thousands of Palestinian people marched through Deir Hanna, one of the Israeli towns where authorities violently cracked down on nonviolent protesters on March 30, 1976″:

Previously, at the Oscars, Youssef said, ” I think it’s a universal message of just: Let’s stop killing kids”:






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