News and Analysis 4/5/24

He says the IDF knew “that it was our teams moving on that road and he believes “the seven aid workers killed by the strike in Gaza were targeted ‘systematically’” …

… and the terrorist attack has served its purpose of terrorizing others who would want to help to prevent a famine …

… for “anyone attempting to prevent people in Gaza from starving to death is interfering with the Israeli government’s war aims — the genocide of Palestinians”:

“Israel’s military was on high alert Thursday as the country braced for Iran’s promised revenge after an Israeli strike in Damascus” on an Iranian consulate:

“The sun and the moon are two signs amongst the signs of Allah and they do not eclipse because of the death of someone” — Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

When a bookshelf collapsed he found his finger pointing to the verse “It’s not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts,” and he thought, “Well, yeah, this is really my problem”:

Contrary to Republican claims that the advisory board on which he served is “anti-police,” the firm says, “The Advisory Board does nothing at all”:

“Even the president’s wife, Jill Biden, has urged Biden to urgently address the situation in Gaza and “stop it now,” according to the New York Times“:






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