News and Analysis 4/8/24

“[I]nmates are fed through straws, defecate in diapers and are held [in] constant restraints, which violate medical ethics and the law”:

“This settlement resulted in a positive reform for the NYPD” — Nicholas Paolucci, spokesman for the city’s law department:

“Streets have been bulldozed. Schools and hospitals were damaged by the fighting”:

A “counter-narrative to the Western discourse on women in Islam, [and] a way of winding back to something more authentic, something untinted by Orientalist lenses”:

Iran says a cease fire in Gaza can prevent an overt Israel-Iran war…

… but Israel thinks it can rely on “cooperation with the USA and strategic partners in the region” to avoid resorting to peace:

“The resolution passed with a two-thirds majority following an 8 a.m. vote … exactly one week after the Harvard Law School Student Government passed a similar resolution” …

… while Pomona’s President Gabrielle Starr, who opposes a student call for divestment from apartheid, will subject participating “Pomona students …  to immediate suspension”:

The “BBC has learned of at least 100 of them being conscripted in recent weeks to fight for the embattled junta”:






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