News and Analysis 4/15/24

Set aside the debate as to whether an Iranian consulate is Iranian soil, Israel has literally targeted Iranian soil for years …

… and it sees no reason to stop now:

“Shifting dynamics in Washington are more important for the trajectory of this conflict than the dynamics in Tel Aviv or Tehran”:

Iran may have delayed Israel’s Rafah invasion, but the genocide in Gaza and violence in the West Bank is unabated:

A “judge found no prima facie evidence against him, and …  [another] judge squashed a detention order against him,” yet the  “Kashmiri journalist … remains jailed”:

“At least a dozen airlines have had to cancel or reroute flights over the last two days”:

Ibn Haytham impacted “architecture and the visual arts” as well as ” the mathematization of physics, … experimentation in science, and the philosophical analysis of perception”:

Those Muslim leaders who did attend were “surprised” to learn that the PM himself was no-show, preferring to make “a statement on Iran in the House of Commons“:

Pre-Islamic limitations on women’s participation in the mosque  have been introduced on the pretense of preserving tradition:

“There were two conversations going on that I was listening to, and they were not happening in the same room” — Jemima Khan Goldsmith:






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