News and Analysis 4/17/24

“Top UN official says ‘nothing substantive’ has changed in deconfliction system with Israeli military to protect aid workers after World Central Kitchen attack”:

“The attack by Israeli settlers on this Palestinian village was the worst anyone here could remember”:

According to some Times staffers the document provides “evidence of the paper’s deference to Israeli narratives”:

The ambulance driver followed the route as instructed by the IDF … to the death of all on board:

Having slaughtered over 30,000 …

… Israel warns the displaced survivors they will be next if they dare to return to their homes:

Pro-Israel groups objected to her advocating a state where “both Arabs and Jews can live together without an ideology that specifically advocates for the ethnic cleansing of one of them”:

The court rules that if you don’t like a ban on prayer, don’t send your child to secular school:

Biden and Yellen are trying to convince  Netanyahu that the next attack on Iran should be economic:






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