News and Analysis 4/30/24

In the face of police violence, Some protests move beyond encampments to occupation of buildings:

“I cannot, as a leader of the nation’s oldest guardian of free expression, participate in an event in which students believe that their voices are being excluded” — Deborah Archer, ACLU:

The “environmental movement .. growing in the world’s most populous Muslim nation” is driven not by institutions, but by individuals who see “themselves as ‘khalifahs,’ or guardians, of the earth”:

Benjamin Netanyahu repeated on Tuesday that the military would move on the town ‘with or without a deal’” on the release of hostages:

“As many as 551 protesters were killed by security forces during Iran’s Woman, Life, Freedom movement, most of them by gunfire, according to the UN’s fact-finding mission”:

“Language, twisted and inflated and misused for so long, is now an inadequate tool of domination. So it becomes time to send in the cops”:

“The court will still hear arguments from both sides on the merits of Nicaragua’s allegation that Germany failed to prevent genocide in Gaza. That will likely take months”:

“[S]ome Latino and Native American students see their own stories as similar to that of the Palestinians”:






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