News and Analysis 5/4/24

“Have other democratic states killed more than 34,000 people and caused humanitarian catastrophes in” the last seven months?

As Israeli war  crimes multiply …

… “The Biden administration has refused to restrict US funding to Israeli army units that committed rights violations”:

In Saudi Arabia “authorities have stepped up a crackdown on online criticism of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, as normalisation deal remains on the table” …

… while “at least four Israeli-linked firms have been selling invasive spyware and cyber surveillance technology to … the world’s most populous Muslim nation”:

“We are quietly encouraging the ICC not to do it. It will blow up everything. Israel will retaliate against the Palestinian Authority” — a US official:

A “common joke in Gaza these days … suggests that the most humane Israeli is the minister who effectively called for a nuclear bomb to be dropped on us during the early stages of the current war”:

Are the protesters violent, anti-Semitic and uncompromising? Well, no:

“Deep scrutiny is now being placed on who exactly the masked counter-demonstrators are but also on the slow response to an attack on students at one of the most prominent state schools in the nation”:

The “approach is an about-face from a week ago, when Denver police officers, Denver sheriff’s deputies and troopers from Colorado State Patrol attempted to dismantle the encampment on April 26″:

“Trade between Turkey and Israel was worth almost £5.6bn in 2023”:






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