News and Analysis 5/9/24

The U.S. threat to pause delivery some missiles impacts neither the Israeli commitment to nor the U.S. complicity in the genocide:

The current assaults adds to the wretched record of Israel’s war of health care:

“Bulldozers destroyed 47 homes belonging to the same family, including people who helped Israelis during 7 October attacks”:

“As criticisms of Israel have become more mainstream, the attempt to shut them down entirely has become more extreme” …

… but not all Americans are falling for it, and only 38% of voters believe that Israel is not committing genocide against the people of Gaza:

German racists get a two-fer by persecuting Jews who defend Palestinians:

“At least seven schools have reached an agreement with students around investment transparency and exploring divestment from Israel”:

“The theme this year is #MuslimLegacies ‘in various fields such as science, art, literature, philosophy and architecture, as well as their influence on social and political development”:

“Eric Saade getting dragged because he is wearing a piece of clothing which is literally PART of HIS OWN heritage, when everyone else is allowed to wear whatever traditional clothing they want” — a social media user:

Asked why she does mention that her family was bombed in her act, Yacoub responds that “it’s a deep-seated trauma that it’s hard to make funny”:






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