News and Analysis 5/18/24

“Lily Greenberg Call condemned the administration’s “using Jews to justify aggressive US foreign policy and to ensure complicity in Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip”:

“The U.N. says at least 500 trucks a day of aid and commercial goods need to enter Gaza” but the new pier cannot handle more than 150 at best:

Israel is “building bases, taking over civilian structures and razing homes,” as “part of a large-scale project to reshape the Strip and entrench the Israeli military presence there”:

Hezbollah said “it fired a group of drones at Israeli military positions in retaliation for yesterday’s assassination of one of its members.”:

“How the smearing of Adeel Mangi became a bipartisan exercise”:

“An exhibition in the West Bank attempts both to capture and counteract the erasure of Palestinian life and culture in Gaza, even as its artists are killed”:

Suspicious of the provocateur’s efforts, Prof. “Zawahry notified the journalism dean, filed a report with Gainesville police, talked with campus police and asked for help investigating the matter”:

As the contrast between universities that call in police and those that negotiate peaceful ends to the protests becomes increasingly clear …

…. Somona State’s President is punished for a peaceful resolution with what “is considered the harshest disciplinary action imposed on the president of any of the US universities that have witnessed anti-war protests”:

Oblivious to the irony, a Florida official declares, “In Florida, we will not tolerate calls for genocide”:






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