News and Analysis 5/19/24

“A rescue helicopter tried to reach the area where authorities believe Raisi’s helicopter was, but it couldn’t land due to the heavy mist”:

“Israel has defied every single provisional measure indicated by” the ICJ:

Israel is fighting an above-ground war against an enemy that is below ground:

“The announcement deepens a divide in Israel’s leadership more than seven months into a war in which Israel has yet to accomplish its goals of dismantling Hamas and returning scores of hostages”:

“While some universities have sought peaceful approaches, others have used aggressive policing that bucks research from the protests following George Floyd’s murder”:

“There is no sewage network and no water… there is no one to provide water for us or the municipality to clean up the dumped garbage and the bombing sites, there is no life”:

“Protesters began to march in the street and shortly after, the New York Police Department came in from a side street and started grabbing people at random” — freelance journalist Katie Smith:

A closure of Austin capitol grounds is ordered as controversy grows over previous police action against peaceful protesters:

A demonstration in Philadelphia is peaceful so far despite the presence of police in riot gear:






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