News and Analysis 5/21/24

Raisi’s death will have little effect on the Presidential election, but may unleash a rivalry within hardliner ranks to succeed Khameini:

Khan finds “reasonable grounds” to issue warrants for the arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Diab Ibrahim Al-Masri, and Ismail Haniyeh:

Israel’s futile attempt to hide its genocide from its own people requires an unprecedented crackdown on press freedom …

… but its efforts to starve the people of Gaza seems to be succeeding:

“The documents, leaked by an army insider, offer a rare insight into the military’s extensive operations in the North Sinai governorate” in support if Israel’s longstanding siege of Gaza:

The lead drafter of the IHRA definition of antisemitism opposes H.R. 6090 that would mandate its adoption to enforce anti-discrimination laws:

“198 UNRWA employees were killed, 160 sites were completely or partially destroyed, and employees were arrested, tortured, and forced to confess to crimes they did not commit”:

“Seven Palestinians, including a doctor, have been killed by Israeli forces during an operation in Jenin in the north of the occupied West Bank”:

“There have been reports of Muslim voters’ names being removed from the voting list and in one village in Uttar Pradesh, they were even beaten up”:






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