News and Analysis 5/23/24

“The operations to destroy the infrastructure caused a power outage in communications and the Internet for large areas in the city and the camp. Jenin Governmental Hospital is still besieged”:

“We used to think that recognition would come at the end of a process. Now we have realized that recognition should come as an impetus, as a strengthening of a process”:

“Fighting in the north and south has deepened Gaza’s humanitarian crisis and reversed recent gains by aid groups in staving off starvation and disease”:

A “small number of biscuits came in the first shipments unloaded from the pier Friday”:

“ICC warrants against Israeli officials would mean they can’t travel — and their patrons in the U.S. would be pressured over continued arms sales”:

In an “unprecedented‘” decision, the Israeli lapdogs at the Harvard Corporation veto its own Faculty of Arts and Sciences …

… sparking a protest by union members joined by students and Cambridge residents:

“People ask me whether this makes me think of the 1930s. The answer is yes” — Rabbi Lody van de Kamp:

“We should be calling for universities to help us in this national dialogue, not calling in the police”:






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