News and Analysis 5/25/24

“The sharply focused decision sent a three-pronged message to Israel, ordering a halt to the Rafah offensive, access to Gaza for war crimes investigators, and a big and immediate increase of humanitarian aid to the region” …

… but Palestinians say, “The massacres are only increasing”:

H.R. 8445 “would extend some U.S. military benefits to the estimated 20,000 Americans currently carrying out the Gaza genocide as members of the Israeli military”:

“The Special Rapporteur received allegations of individuals being beaten, kept in cells blindfolded and handcuffed for excessive periods, deprived of sleep, and threatened with physical and sexual violence”:

“Thomas and other university officials, as well as the Los Angeles Police Department, drew sharp criticism for their response to violence that flared” when “masked assailants … stormed the tent camp with clubs and poles”:

“Sociologist Gershon Shafir has charted what he describes as an evolution from a perceived secular Jewish privilege that justified a claim to Palestine based on religion, ethnicity, and/or race to notions of Jewish supremacy“:

“ benefits from the systematic deprivation of the Palestinian people of their lands and natural resources, entrenches the apartheid regime, and frustrates the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people”:

“In US history, anti-Palestinian bigotry, expressed primarily through repressive practices of the US government” later “manifested into a generalized anti-Arab racism, which only later … morphed into the more widespread Islamophobia”:

“Soldiers appear to be loading more than 100 dead bodies into trucks before being moved away from the medical complex”:

“More than 1,000 people walked out of Harvard’s Commencement on Thursday, as mass discontent over the decision to bar 13 pro-Palestine College student protesters from graduating overshadowed a day filled with pomp and circumstance”:






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