News and Analysis 5/27/24

Will Israel’s shocking massacre of civilians in the face of ICJ and ICC rulings be a watershed moment?

That “one or more relatives of the petitioners were involved in anti-national activities in early 1990s or thereafter cannot be a ground to deprive the petitioners of their right to enter into contracts with government”:

“Witnesses say he pulled a woman’s headscarf, triggering the altercation”:

“Iran is seeking to have economic sanctions imposed over the country’s controversial nuclear program lifted in exchange for slowing the program down”:

“Islamophobia isn’t new to India…. But under Mr. Modi’s right-wing leadership, hatred of Muslims has effectively become state policy”:

The cap on Gaza refugees will be increased from 1,000 to 5,000:

It was the police who made people unsafe. They didn’t do anything to provoke” the one raid:

FM “Israel Katz says the order is meant to punish Spain for recognizing a Palestinian state, as feud between Jerusalem and Madrid heats up”:

“[A]t least 107 journalists and media workers were among the more than 36,000 killed since the war began, making it the deadliest period for journalists since CPJ began gathering data in 1992″:






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