News and Analysis 5/30/24

U.S. claim that no red line has been crossed find few buyers in the face of atrocities:

“Bad actors have used OpenAI’s tools, which include ChatGPT, to generate social media comments in multiple languages, make up names and bios for fake accounts, create cartoons and other images, and debug code”:

“Faiza Shaheen is being forced to defend herself over a tweet that she doesn’t even remember liking in the middle of the night many years ago. And there’s nothing wrong with the parody skit in the first place”:

“The conflict between creative compromise and artistic integrity comes to a dark, surreal head when … [her] mouth is blurred onscreen (though it looks like she’s trying to say ‘war’) and her body pelted by invisible blows”:

In 2019 “there were 226 Muslim women in UK prisons, representing 6% of the overall female prison population”:

“It feels like no one really cares what is happening in our community, like we are supposed to be used to this kind of treatment”:






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