News and Analysis 6/2/24

As allegations of Israeli mistreatment of captives in Gaza mount …

… the persecution in the West Bank also mounts:

“After two Egyptian soldiers were killed in a border incident, public anger has swelled over the lack of an official response”:

“US and UK warplanes across several Yemeni provinces … destroyed civilian infrastructure”:

Suppression of Palestinian sympathy provokes more demonstrations …

… and an opening for unions:

“You go to any congregational prayer, especially during Ramadan, and for Eid, and you see the most fabulous fashion show unfold in front of your eyes” with women in “dazzling, fabulous, highly embroidered, ostentatious gowns”:

“Claims of voter suppression are rising – from names missing from electoral rolls to physical violence and constituencies redrawn to reduce Muslim clout”:

“Two Californian cities, Hayward and Richmond, have both voted to divest from companies doing business in Israel … while Hamtramck’s resolution supports the entire BDS movement”:

“When UN member states recognise a phantasmic Palestinian state, all they are doing is bolstering Israel’s illegality as an institutionally racist state”:

“Writing about the prophets and finding empathy for them made me be kinder to earlier versions of myself”:






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