News and Analysis 6/7/24

A new Israeli massacre targeted a United Nations-run school:

“[S]tudents sent an email to board member … saying that if the board continues to hinder the publication of Eghbariah’s piece, the staff of CLR will stop all work on the journal”:

The U.S. shamefully threatens more civilian deaths if Hamas doesn’t accept a deal that Israel has not accepted …

… but “Biden’s claim to want a Gaza ceasefire has not slowed US weapons sales to Tel Aviv”:

“Footage … showed young men and teenagers chanting, ‘Death to the Arabs’ and ‘May your village burn’ at the so-called ‘Flag March’”:

“While the number of sites about which the IAEA has questions has been reduced from four to two since 2019, those lingering questions have been a persistent source of tensions”:

“This network originated in Israel and primarily targeted audiences in the United States and Canada, posing as Jewish students, African Americans and ‘concerned’ citizens and involved ‘creating fictitious news outlets’”:

India’s “prime minister will keep his job, but his aura has been diminished and his leadership has fundamentally changed as the country’s multiparty democracy springs back to life”:

“Most political prosecutions are designed to stop protests. That’s why they’re so intense, so trumped up”:

The killer “is the son of the chairperson of both Beare Holdings and the South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation Julian Beare. The family has distanced themselves from” him:






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