News and Analysis 6/9/24

Israel’s latest military rescue operation frees one hostage for every sixty in “collateral damage.” That is a total of fours hostages freed and three killed by Israeli fire at a cost of 37,000 Palestinian lives compared to scores released by negotiations:

“The demonstration included ringing the White House grounds with a red banner showing the names of the more than 36,000 Palestinians killed during the war”:

Israel uses accusations of Hamas rapes to justify the Gaza genocide, but in “all the Hamas video footage … and all the photographs … there were no depictions of rape” and no evidence of deletions of such depictions”:

“More than 92,600 people have been displaced from their villages in south Lebanon by the attacks” leading to calls for the Biden administration to stop supplying Israel:

Iran’s Guardian “Council disqualified hardline former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and former parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani, a prominent conservative”:

For years critics have claimed that Muslim dress code disadvantages Muslim women, but now the UWW claims it gives Muslim women some unspecified unfair advantage and refuses to let the 41-0 winner into the Olympics:

“Biden’s administration has said from the start that the pier wasn’t meant to be a total solution”:






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