News and Analysis 6/12/24

A disinformation “network originated in Israel and primarily targeted audiences in the United States and Canada, posing as Jewish students, African Americans and ‘concerned’ citizens’” and “creating fictitious news outlets”:

“There is a continuum between the material reality in Gaza and shutting down these debates. They’re not separate issues”:

Is the Israeli state engaged in an act of suicide?

“Brig. Gen. Barak Hiram … admitted to The New York Times that he ordered an Israeli tank to fire shells at the house, though he knew there were still-living Israeli captives inside”:

The advertisement claims that “even Palestine has a Coke factory. In fact, the Coca-Cola factory is located in the occupied West Bank’s Atarot, an Israeli settlement considered illegal under international law”:

“I am pretty frustrated that there are students that got to walk the stage and now don’t know if they’re going to get their diploma”:

“The United States and the EU therefore have a 15-month window to choose between two options: Iran as a nuclear-armed state like North Korea, or Iran as a nuclear threshold state ala Japan”:






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