News and Analysis 6/14/24

“The Saudis will increase their control over the pilgrims to prevent any mobilisation around support for Gaza” — London-based Saudi academic Madawi al-Rasheed:

“Two men fishing in the waters off the coast of the Gaza Strip were killed Wednesday by Israeli troops firing at them with automatic weapons”:

“Israeli soldiers fired rockets at a house and then destroyed it with a bulldozer, according to WAFA Palestinian news agency. Clashes broke out and the Israeli forces fired live rounds”:

There is no letup in the genocide:

“At least 14 Israelis were likely intentionally killed by the Israeli army on 7 October as part of a protocol aimed at preventing capture, a new United Nations report has found”:

“[A]ccused of participating in anti-government protests and of contributing to anti-government propaganda[,] Arnaud was sentenced to five years in jail in 2023”:

“The very land that for generations provided my family and millions with the ingredients and recipes that sustained life and made it possible for someone like me to stand on that stage is in danger and we must all speak out against it”:

“The idea that they could occupy south Lebanon shows that they have learned nothing from Israeli history”:

“The primary difference is that India has done a better job of hiding its colonial occupation and war crimes from the world”:

“If parliamentary elections were held today … Hamas would get 32 percent of the vote, Fatah would get 17 percent of the vote, and a full 50 percent would either sit out of the election or vote for a third party”:






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