News and Analysis (1/15/09)

Tons of relief supplies burn as Israel claims the attack with “what appeared to be phosphorus shells” was a “grave mistake”:

“Labor and Kadima’s position is a declaration of war on Israel’s Arab citizens”:

Validating the Bush administration’s infringement of personal liberties,

For unclear reasons, US shipment of munitions on course for Israeli have been denied passage through a Greek port:

“The west cannot ‘kill its way’ out of the threats it faces…’Terrorism is a deadly tactic, not an institution or an ideology'”:

Filmmakers hope to challenge social norms through freedom of expression, but “powerful clerics and many citizens” respond “Ban it”:

Sectarian violence pressured many homeowners into selling low:

In addition to the arrests Pakistan has “closed 20 offices, 87 schools and several religious seminaries, or madrasas, run by JuD. Authorities had also banned its publications and blocked six group Website”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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