News and Analysis (1/17-18/09)

Hamas responds to Israel’s cease fire terms (“If they [Hamas] stop firing, we will consider leaving Gaza at a time that is suitable to us” – Olmert) …

… with one on its own (Israel has one week to pull out of the Gaza strip and must open the border crossings):

While declaring the case is not about terrorism, judge will let a jury decide whether the U.S. is bound by its agreement with Sami Al-Arian:

Critics point out that the Obama administration is still missing many key figures needed to broker a peace agreement:

While the balance of power in the Malaysian parliament does not change, the election results carry serious implications for future elections and government coalitions:

Israelis receive a glimmer of the horror created in Gaza on national broadcast:

With a growing perception that Maliki is Iraq’s new “strongman,” success of he Coalition of the State of Law in provincial elections may cement “his three-year transformation from little-known lawmaker to the most powerful Iraqi statesman since Saddam Hussein”:


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