News and Analysis (1/19/09)

In the aftermath, 1,300 Palestinian dead, 1/3 were children, and a thousand are left wounded and homeless…

… yet, the chances of charging Israel with war crimes remains slim:

…while the war’s impact on Fath’s chronic factionlism spells trouble for the PA President:

Islamic parties seem assured of dominating southern Iraq for years to come, which will impact crucial issues such as the centralization of power, Iranian influence, and prospects for the resource-rich but faction-plagued south realizing its ambitions:

Saudi Arabia promises $1 billion in aid to Gaza as Arab nations mull over strategies for Palestine:

Among her objectives as Secretary of State is to establish “America Houses” in cities across the Arab world that would offer Internet libraries, English lessons and stories about Muslims in America:

For criticizing Mubarak’s treatment of Gaza and suspected membership in the Muslim brotherhood,

Indian police have yet to file charges against the lone gunman arrested in the Mumbai attacks:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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