News and Analysis (4/24/13)

The Obama administration has expanded its interrogation authority “beyond the ‘public safety’ exception [to Miranda warnings] established by the Supreme Court to arrogate unto itself the power to question suspects about other matters without reading them their rights”:

Anonymous officials say the suspect has admitted that he and his brother acted alone while his uncle cites the influence of a  mysterious “Muslim convert,” but his mom doesn’t believe any of it:

“[W]hen members of the Islamic community there regularly express extremist views, an Imam or other religious leader would call in … another higher-up to try to convince the person of a more moderate point of view. If the person … [persists] his name might be passed along to the police” …

… and in Boston:

“Rudd states he asked Todd why he had demanded to search the woman’s bag, and that Todd told him, ‘because she is Muslim and a suspicious character, now sit down.'” Now really! If she were planning something nefarious, is this the disguise she would pick?

The blowback caused by U.S. drones is explained “at a rare public hearing on the topic held by a Senate Judiciary subcommittee”:

In a move that could further destabalize the region, Hagel offers unprecedented weaponry sales to Israel and greater military cooperation with Egypt, while Israel makes allegations calculated to precipitate such a destabilization:

“[T]he dispute with the Qataris and the Muslim Brotherhood, … which dominate the National Coalition, pushed Khatib into resigning from a post where he had become a mere figurehead that harmed his national and popular legitimacy in the Syrian street”:

“The country’s official news agency said the trip was called off ‘until further notice’, but Mr Mendez said it was ‘effectively a cancellation’. The Gulf kingdom has been wracked by civil unrest for two years. The violence has left at least 50 people dead”:

The fallout from the intervention into Libya hasn’t ended yet:

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