News and Analysis (4/26/13)

“U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler told Tsarnaev he did not have to answer questions and could have a lawyer. And he apparently did stop, though other cases in recent years suggest that silence won’t necessarily last”:

“[I]n a letter to Congress the administration made it clear that it did not believe that the evidence was conclusive, saying it only had'”varying amounts of confidence'” in its reliability. Nor did the evidence prove beyond any doubt that the Syrian government had been responsible for using sarin”:

The fact that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is better organized than its competitors within the opposition movement and is “flexible in its positions … creates suspicion about its motives”:

Mission accomplished? “In the wake of several attacks – including suicide bombings – on Mali’s northern cities, both outside analysts and Malians wonder if the Islamist rebels have been defeated”:

“There are at least two reasons why the minority of Americans who hold negative views about Muslims nevertheless support immigration reform”, namely, the broken immigration system must be fixed and the Golden Rule:

The alleged drone flight, unconfirmed by UN radar, “comes amid a significant increase in Israel’s aerial violations of Lebanese airspace since the beginning of the year, with up to 34 jets flying in Lebanese skies in one day alone in January”:

“Richard Dart, the son of teachers from Dorset, and his co-conspirators, Jahangir Alom and Imran Mahmood, were sentenced at the Old Bailey for engaging in conduct in preparation of acts of terrorism”:

“Hammami, one of the two most notorious Americans in overseas jihadi groups, moved from Alabama to Somalia” to join al-Shabab “has been a thorn in the side of al-Shabab after accusing the group’s leaders of living extravagant lifestyles with the taxes fighters collect from Somali residents”:

Amid “concerns about a new Sunni uprising against the Shiite central government[,] Agence France-Presse reports that 128 people have been killed and 269 wounded since Tuesday in fighting between security forces and anti-government protesters in Sunni-majority regions of the mostly Shiite country”:

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