News and Analysis (1/20/09)

One of the new president’s first acts in office will be to appoint former Senate Majority leader George, who although of Arab-American descent, is considered “objective” by Zionists:

Sistani urges patient perserverance with Iraq’s under-developed democracy ….

… while “in Kirkuk … the election has been indefinitely postponed because Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen could not agree rules for voting there”:

Calling the Israeli attack “outrageous” Ban demands “an inquiry and, if need be, the guilty to be held to account” …

… while Israeli Arabs feel the pain and the heat, saying, “Either they are afraid or they are punishing us”:

At “”Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Conference” attendees seek “to define themselves around the core values they believe in: pluralism, freedom, justice, creativity, and intellectual development”:

Commentator Sheldon Richman argues that in the light of recent torture revelations, “it is difficult to see how criminal proceedings can be avoided” by Obama’s administration:






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