News and Analysis (1/21/09)

Of the nearly 800 prisoners detained at Guantanamo, only 3 were ever put on trial and convicted:

In a move analysts believe to correspond with the inauguration of President Obama…

…However, Israel might not avoid responsibility for the illegal tactics of assault on Gaza so easily:

Under pressure of expulsion from Maliki, MEK denies allegations they were planning an attack and believes they will be “executed or harshly treated if returned to Iran”:

College students researching state-sanctioned texts discovered “disturbing” themes including “Pakistan is for Muslims alone, the world is collectively scheming against Pakistan and Islam, and Muslims are urged to fight Jihad against the infidels”

… and speaking of bigotry in politics, Geert Wilders manages to be for incitement and against free speech, producing anti-Muslim propaganda films while seeking to ban the Qur’an:

Karzai submits a draft agreement which would give Afghans more control over NATO forces as

In the home of the largest Jewish and the largest Muslim communities in Western Europe,


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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