News and Analysis (1/22/09)

Will President Obama continue to support Israel with the same “blank-check policy” of the Bush administration?

As Taliban forces continue to enjoy a high level of autonomy…

…they cite the failures of Bush and the Soviets as indicators they will maintain in control:

In addition to use of white phosphorus, Israel is accused of using Dense Inert Metal Explosive (Dime) weapons, a device that “expels a blade of charged tungsten dust that burns and destroys everything within a four-metre radius”:

With more than 14,000 candidates competing for 440 seats, “Iraqis speak about the power and promise of the ballot with a mix of optimism, apprehension and skepticism”:

Hamas indicates they will control the rebuilding effort in Gaza:

“Rights activists say the current case so far hinges solely on taped confessions by imprisoned suspects”:

Under the Patriot Act, unruly behavior on planes that poses no threat to public safety and does not amount to an act of terrorism can still be prosecuted as a felony offense:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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