News and Analysis (5/14/13)

The “”massive and unprecedented intrusion” into journalists’ confidential sources is especially disgraceful as it may be related to a story regarding a Yemeni CIA operation to foil an al-Qaeda attack  of which the agency “had informed the public that there was nothing to suggest any such attack had been planned”:

“IN A SIGN of growing political clout, the city’s Muslim community is being courted in the mayoral race”:

“A leading Palestinian official says rival groups Fatah and Hamas have agreed to form a national unity government in three months. Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed said both sides agreed on a timetable that begins with creating laws to govern elections”:

Some Malays continue their persecution of non-Muslims who worship Allah, despite the 2009 High Court ruling “that the Catholic Church had the right to publish the word ‘Allah’ in the Bahasa Malaysia section of its newspaper, Herald, as the Arabic word was not exclusive to Islam”:

“An unauthenticated video that appears to show a Syrian rebel severely abusing the body of a dead soldier has highlighted the increasingly dire situation in Syria, where war crimes and sectarian rhetoric in the two-year conflict appear to be on the rise” …

… meanwhile, Russia complains that it “lost $13 billion by complying with a UN arms embargo against Iran, and almost $5 billion in broken weapons contracts with Libya, and received no comparable benefits from the West in return” …

… and commentator Eric Margolis warns, “The vicious Syrian civil war has put the world’s two biggest nuclear powers on a collision course over a small Levantine nation of no strategic interest to Washington“:

“Parents of a student had accused the teacher of showing contempt to Islam while talking to fourth-graders about religion. Three pupils allegedly complained the teacher showed disgust when she talked about Islam, something the family and lawyer of Abdul-Nour denied”:

“His message of Islamic values and the formation of an Islamic welfare state that would not be a slave of the West were interpreted by many as the ramblings of a ‘playboy-turned-puritan’” but Khan “only narrowly missed out on securing the legally important position of leader of the opposition in … parliament”:

“The refusal to accept the legitimacy of those who oppose their campaign shows members of Femen would rather believe in a “helpless slave” narrative than assertive and questioning Muslim women. If anything, their generalizations betray both ignorance and arrogance”:






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