News and Analysis (5/20/13)

Does the emulation of the incident that sparked the Tunisian revolution mark the arrival of the Arab spring in Saudi Arabia? …

… while in a presumably unrelated story:

“Lebanese Hezbollah militants attacked a Syrian rebel-held town alongside Syrian troops on Sunday and Israel threatened more attacks on Syria to rein the militia in, highlighting the risks of a wider regional conflict if planned peace talks fail”:

“[A]n alliance of liberal and leftist opposition parties, says the draft law submitted to the Shura Council, which for now has legislative powers, was more restrictive than laws under deposed leader Hosni Mubarak”:

“Organizers said they were holding the party to protest Islam’s encroachment on traditional French values in the neighborhood. Muslim groups had announced a counterparty serving halal, or religiously approved, food. Police banned both events” as “the organization, location, day and timing” aimed to provoke violence:

Want to know what Muslims are really like? Just put down that newspaper, turn off your TV, disconnect from that Internet echo chamber, and go visit your Muslim neighbors:

Violent extremists recruit with ideological rather than religious messages, it is up to the Muslim leadership to neutralize that ideological appeal by arming Muslim youth with religious understanding:

“Cricket hero Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf party won a revote in an upmarket constituency of Karachi on Sunday, unofficial results showed, a day after gunmen killed a party leader”:

The Israeli denial is “rejected by … the French public television channel that broadcast the report, its reporter Charles Enderlin, and the boy’s father, Jamal al-Dura. All said they were ready to co-operate with an independent international investigation into the incident”:

Wasn’t this a scene in Woody Allen’s “Bananas”?






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