News and Analysis (1/31/09 – 2/1/09)

As politicians vied for political influence and hope to gain power after the Iraqi election…

…The relatively calm nature of the election is attributed “rightly or wrongly” to al-Maliki:

While the promise of a “disproportionate” response comes at no surprise, his threat to “deprive the residents of the south of a normal life” leaves one to wonder when exactly is life in Gaza “normal”:

The exclusive look “portrays the United States as a lumbering superpower whose top policymakers… lacked any basic understanding of Iraq’s history, motives and leaders”:

A victory for freedom of the press:

The World Congregation of Muslims held each year since 1966 intends to shun politics while focusing on reviving the tenets of Islam and promoting peace:

The assassination of Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan is viewed as leading Afghanistan into three decades of violence:

Her Indian suitor “converted” to Islam to marry her but concealed the fact that he already had a wife and two children, and then abandoned her after 20 days:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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