News and Analysis (02/02/09)

The preliminary results indicate victories for the Dawa Party as well as for al-Hadba candidates, who were supported by Sunnis boycotting the vote in 2005:

… But voter turn-out failed to reach the predicted 73%, falling to 51%:

As the Israelis hold true to their promise of a “disproportionate response” to Fatah rocket-fire

…Hamas and the PA continue to challenge the legitimacy of each other…

…However, King Abdullah wisely calls for reconciliation between the Palestinian factions, “the competition between them is a big mistake…It will do them more harm than that done by Zionism”:

The corruption surrounding $50 billion in reconstruction funds for Iraq is poised for repeat in Afghanistan:

With serious implications on the renewal of relations between Iran and the US, the presidential race heats up:


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