News and Analysis (5/22/13)

The FBI says the man who had implicated himself and the slain Boston bombing suspect in a triple murder from two years ago suddenly initiated a violent confrontation that resulted in his death, but a friend also interrogated by the agency says the deceased man “felt” the FBI would shoot him:

In denying his claims that it ordered him to create “conversations about jihad or terrorism, then capturing the responses and sending them to the NYPD”  in violation of “a longstanding federal court order, the department said [its informant] was either lying or didn’t know what he was talking about”:

“Bahrain’s opposition said Wednesday it will boycott the national dialogue for two weeks after a crackdown by authorities that has seen “hundreds of citizens” arrested and home of a prominent Shiite cleric raided”:

“Today, we’ve met real people who suffered the Holocaust and the heroes that saved them at the risk of losing their lives” — Imam Mohamed Magid, President of the Islamic Society of North America …

… while in Bradford, England the 87-year-old chairman of the synagogue hails a Muslim community gift “a true mizva”:

“[S]ome Myanmar people blame the government for actually stoking – or at least tacitly supporting – religious tensions, speculating that harder-line elements in the government, unhappy with the country’s move toward democratization, see such tension as a way to justify continued military influence”:

His lawyer “said Issaka’s strict reading of his religion meant that he would only stand for God”:

Tunisia’s decision to crack down on groups more-pious-than-they has turned “into a public game of chicken. Although the group denies involvement in violence and does charity work, the interior ministry banned the rally. Ansar al Sharia vowed to hold it anyway”:

Mursi declares Egyptian security will be established by denying the right to keep and bear arms to the Egyptian people:

“BBC Iran correspondent James Reynolds reports” that it “is now clear that Mr Khamenei did not want either Mr Mashaei or Mr Rafsanjani to disrupt an election he wants to reserve for loyal conservatives”:






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