News and Analysis (5/24/13)

As British Muslims emphatically condemn the beheading of an army drummer, the question arises as to whether the  Christian converts suspected of the deed got their understanding of Islam from al-Muhajiroun founder Omar Bakri Muhammad or from the English Defense League’s Tommy Robinson:

The two countries who are the main victims seem pleased by the speech in Obama promised to move responsibility for drone strikes from the CIA to the defense department, which would allow some Congressional oversight, but Code Pink isn’t the only human rights group that isn’t buying it:

“We the Rohingya Muslims have lived in Myanmar for centuries. Yet they say that we are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. But they are welcoming those Bangladeshi illegal immigrants to Myanmar just because they are their fellow Buddhists”:

“Two-thirds of the kingdom’s subjects are under 29, and … there have been an increasing number of confrontations between Hai’a men and Saudi youth. A number of physical assaults and fatalities attributed to Hai’a men, widely publicized on Twitter and Facebook, have inflamed public opinion”:

The Islamist PM’s critics “claim that Turkey does not have an alcoholism problem and that only 1½ bottles of spirits are consumed per person, per year in Turkey on average, compared to 15 bottles in the West. They say that youths should instead be educated about the harms that alcohol can cause”:

Hollande’s solution to the blow-back from his invasion of Mali? More violence:

The “foreign ministry said the Syrian government would participate ‘in order for Syrians themselves to find a political path to a solution’, but the main opposition group is still trying ti make up its mind:

A Taliban spokesman claims the compound is used “mostly by members of the CIA”:






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