News and Analysis (5/26/13)

“[S]ick of all the report writing on capacity building,” the lawyer best known for obtaining the release of a rape victim jailed for adultery,  is using “Sharia law, Afghan law, and international conventions … to act directly within the system” and “create test cases of how things can be done”to establish the rule of law:

Noting its restraint with regard to Iraq and Bahrain, Hezbollah insists that it’s Syrian involvement is motivated by opposition to Zionism rather than sectarian considerations …

… and the response is a rocket attack on a Shia neighborhood in Beirut for which no one has  claimed responsibility:

The eagerness of British Muslims to label the murder of a  soldier “terrorism,” as if the victim were a civilian, feeds paranoia that Muslims lie about their religion; British police arrested several for threatening Muslims and one Muslim who claims British intelligence tried to recruit one of the murder suspects:

The Boston tragedy has Muslims asking whether someone who disagrees with them as to which holidays to observe, or whether Martin Luther King was a great man, should be reported to the FBI:

The FBI says the had to kill Ibragim Todashev when he turned violent “violent during questioning over his ties to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of two brothers suspected of planting two bombs at the marathon”, but Todashev’s father wants to come to the US to challenge the official story:

Sacrificing the free press to a higher good — preventing the truth from leaking out to the American people:

“[S]ome religious leaders to disperse the crowd,” but according to the belatedly released report, the ISI “and local intelligence agencies knew banned extremist groups like Sipah-e-Sahaba were organizing the mobs, yet authorities did not take preventative action”:

“Muslims account for about 4% of Myanmar’s roughly 60 million people” and the government proposes to fight Buddhist violence against Muslims by reducing that percentage:

“Two former students from Pakistan are believed to have become the first Muslim lesbian couple to marry in a civil ceremony in Britain.” They “took their vows at a registry office in Leeds earlier this month before immediately applying for political asylum, it was claimed”:

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