News and Analysis (02/7-8/09)

Hamas economics minister Ziyad al-Zaza claims “some employees of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency had been telling recipients that the aid was a gift of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas”…

…Meanwhile, the Israeli blockade insures Gaza remains in disarray:

Viewed as ineffective and corrupt, Karzai finds himself at odds with Washington as he remains poised to win the presidential elections next year…

…Meanwhile, Karzai continues to demand a halt to civilian deaths and seeks a “process of reconciliation” with Taliban members not linked to al-Qaeda:

A case of Muslim irony as an “Ulema Council,” calling its own dicta “shari’a” persecute a man for neglecting to include the original Arabic text next to his translation:

Al-Zeidi faces charges of assaulting a foreign leader with maximum sentence of 15 years in prison:

Despite international pressure, Saudi stands by its Vatican-like self-image:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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