News and Analysis (2/9/09)

General Petraeus refers to Afghanistan as “the graveyard of empires”, reminiscent of the historic difficulties in controlling it …

…Meanwhile, support for President Karzai and the US have dramatically decreased since 2005:

Pakistanis continue to question US intentions citing the continuation of drone attacks, an increased troop presence in Afghanistan and the deal permitting civilian nuclear trade with India are behind the apprehension:

Will his experience with Northern Ireland translate into a practical and acceptable solution for Palestine:

Phillipe Welty urges “Americans to try to understand Iran’s history, especially the lingering effects of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war and how that continues to color its security concerns, rhetoric and even its nuclear program:”

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani aims to modernize Qatar and demonstrate traditional Islam’s flexibility and tolerance:


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