News and Analysis (2/10/09)

One thing on which Hamas and the PA agree: “I will not send to my occupier my injured people in order for him to make propaganda at my expense, and then pay him for it.” — Palestinian health minister:

Philip Rizk, a German citizen who writes a popular blog and has recently finished a documentary about non-violent protest against Israeli operations in Gaza, is currently detained by Egyptian secret police:

As Ahmadinejad declares “the Iranian nation is ready to hold talks but talks in a fair atmosphere with mutual respect”,

… Ibrahim Yazdi, one of Imam Khomeini’s companions-in-exile, says, “People are still loyal to the revolution [but] they object to the [repressive] performance of the authorities”:

Photos illustrate the Gazan smuggling tunnels, which Israel sought to destroy yet were repaired after just a few days:

The ship violated a U.N. ban and is under suspicion of transporting arms from Iran to Hamas:

As Pakistan seeks “substantial evidence” from India…

…Holbrooke’s visit highlights the magnitude of issues hindering stability in Pakistan:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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