News and Analysis (2/12/09)

Over 1/3 of the 242,000 light weapons funded by US tax payers remain unaccounted for and are “at serious risk of theft or loss”:

Opponents of the decision believe it will further hinder a compromise for peace and encourage reprisal attacks:

What does an “Iraqi Ministry of Women’s Affairs” do? Nothing. Nawal Samarai resigns, calling the ministry a “fake office” created to meet quotas:

So is there anything Israel will allow Gazans to export? Flowers to Holland for Valentine’s Day! What would the head of the Fiqh Dept. at al-Azhar say?

Haroun Mir, a political analyst for the Afghanistan Centre for Research and Policy Studies believes the atypical attack aimed at taking hostages and paralyzing Kabul as in Mumbai:

Previous trauma, lack of security, and inefficiency in distributing compensation and providing access to property are among the many reasons 1.1 million Iraqis remain in Syria:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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