News and Analysis (2/14-15/09)

As the US agrees to include an Afghan delegation in the strategic review of policy conducted by Holbrooke

… while some conclude that as far as the cycle of violence is concerned:

The strained relations between the two governments could compromise commercial trade which amounts to nearly $3.5 billion a year:

As both the Likud party and Kadima party have to court right wing parties to build a coalition…

Ali Abunimah reminds us that “whatever government emerges is certain to preside over more settlement-building, racial discrimination and escalating violence”:

Valentine’s day protests highlight how prohibition of secular marriages impedes cross-religious unions:

“The soldiers, many of them still in their teens, had no detailed standard operating procedures and were taught hardly anything about the Geneva Conventions…though some learned about them on their own initiative”


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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