News and Analysis (2/17/09)

Livni claims “the majority of Israelis understand that if Israel wants to remain an independent Jewish state, in the end the territory will have to be divided”…

… Yet, a new plan to annex 423 acres, the first step to enlarge the settlement from 9,000 to 30,000 residents, suggests just how evenly Israelis want to divide the land:

Is Israel sabotaging Iran’s nuclear ambitions through a number of methods that may include assassinations …?

… or is it  “psychological warfare campaign to unsettle Iran?”

Guantánamo critics believe the opposition argument that the US criminal justice system cannot securely handle the suspected terrorists is a proxy for flat opposition to the closure:

Sending aid workers could be met with hostility and backfire in improving US relations with Indonesia:

Civilian deaths increased by 40% to 2,118 people with Afghan, US and Nato forces responsible for 45% of the total deaths:

Indications are that the Egyptian checkpoints that “prevent merchandise from reaching the tunnel zone” in Rafah are much more successful in choking off Gaza than the Israeli air strikes:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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