News and Analysis (2/19/09)

Reversing Judge Urbina’s decision on the grounds that only Congress and the executive branch have the authority to allow people to enter the United States…

…Obama stands poised to demonstrate his break with the policies of the Bush administration:

Highlighting the widespread corruption devastating Afghanistan’s infrastructure:

Although the release of Ayman Nour is a positive step forward, Egyptian elections are hardly representative of democracy with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood banned from participating:

Distrust emerges from both sides as the agreement has yet to be formalized:

Facing charges of assaulting a foreign leader, Al-Zeidi’s lawyers plan to argue “Bush was visiting an occupied country and al-Zeidi was trying to express his personal rejection [of] that occupation“:

The decision to shut down the US base is approved after $2 billion package of aid and credit was received from Russia:

A rare glimpse into the world of espionage, Ali al-Jarrah is accused of being an Israeli spy for over 25 years:


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