News and Analysis (2/24/09)

Analysts fear the truce  will allow the Taliban to “carve out Swat as a political enclave for their influence and rule” and provide sanctuary needed to further destabilize surrounding areas:

A strategy to cut the national deficit, stop funding the destruction (through the Israeli army) and consequential reconstruction of Gaza:

The appointment of Dennis Ross’ as the “adviser to the secretary of state for the Gulf and Southwest Asia” may indicate diplomatic relations with Iran in the near future:

France, Germany, Russia, China and even Iran are seeking lucrative contracts and hope to profit in the rebuilding of Iraq:

“To win the insurgency, we’re not going to bomb our way out of this” — Col. Harry A. Foster, instead forces fly low, make “a lot of noise to scare the Taliban — and say they drop bombs as a last resort”:

Detailing 7 years of torture, Mohamed requests “only that the truth should be made known, so that nobody in the future should have to endure what I have endured”:

The extremist “al-Shabab” group claims responsibility for “the deadliest [bombing] so far against the African Union Mission in Somalia:”


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