News and Analysis (8/26/13)

With Syrian approval, the UN begins its investigation into which side is responsible for the deadly chemical attack, but the British foreign secretary says that the UK has already made up its mind and it and the U.S. are preparing for war despite the reticence of the American public:

As the army proceeds full-speed ahead on the reversal of the progress towards constitutional government, setting up a constitutional committee, which has proposed scrapping changes made to the constitution under ousted President Mohamed Morsi, and reinstating some Mubarak-era policies …

… the deposed dictator gets a speedy retrial for “the deaths of protesters in the 2011 uprising … [while] Muslim Brotherhood leaders must wait two more months to stand trial” …

… and “the army ousting of Egypt’s Islamist government may have prompted some Libyan radicals to step up violence against secular critics”:

“The ruling said the government failed to tell defense attorneys that the FBI had paid a key prosecution witness, that government agents exceeded the scope of a search warrant on Seda’s computer hard drives and that prosecutors provided an unfair summary of classified information relied on by the government”:

“The Only Motive I Could Think of is that They Wanted to Leverage Anybody in this Country”; if there are an Americans who do not yet realize that the government is deceiving us about the existence, scope, and purpose of the NSA database on American citizens, they need to watch this:

“The criteria used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to blacklist immigrants are overly broad and include traveling through regions where there is terrorist activity, the report said. The criteria disproportionately target Muslim immigrants, who often wait years to get a response on their citizenship applications and in some cases are denied”:

“The lawyer of a man convicted of building and promoting pornographic websites says a death sentence against his client has been converted to life imprisonment”:

“Police shouted at the mob to disperse, but did not take any serious action”:

British Muslims have to prove their patriotism:






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