Month: May 2009

  • More Nukes Are Counter-Productive for Pakistan

    This month MFI’s president Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad was interviewed by Farspress on the crisis in Pakistan. Among the main reasons for the spread of Taliban influence across Pakistan, Dr. Ahmad cited the US presence as a major motivating force. Although you cannot ignore the polarizing effect of “American influence”, real or perceived, in South Asia, […]

  • News and Analysis (5/30-31/09)

    With estimated losses in the billions, the issue of corruption will become a major factor in next year’s elections: Iraq’s Ex-Trade Minister Is Detained in Graft Investigation (Washington Post) Taliban turn to terrorism as the Pakistani military extends its control over the Swat region: Pakistani Cities are New Battleground for Taliban (LA Times) A bill […]

  • Rape at Abu Ghuraib — State of Denial

    In an article in the Daily Telegraph Major General Antonio Taguba has confirmed that there are photographs showing that rape of prisoners was among the torture tactics used at Abu Ghuraib. The allegations of rape appeared in Taguba’s 2004 report on the abuses at Abu Ghuraib. The inhumanity of the human rights abuses there were […]

  • News and Analysis (5/29/09)

    Obama can’t afford to let his choice of Egypt be seen as support of the autocratic rulers of the Middle East: Mr. Obama in Egypt (Washington Post) The Israeli blockade only promotes hostility and incites violence: Misery Hangs Over Gaza Despite Pledges of Help (NY Times) 46% of eligible voters are under the age of […]

  • News and Analysis (5/28/09)

    In disbelief over what they call being ” put in jail for taking people out of their jail of poverty and starvation,” HLF members will appeal: Muslim Charity Members Get 65 years in Prison (Washington Post) Obama hopes the move will add transparency and legitimacy while avoiding the pitfalls of covert CIA actions: FBI Planning […]

  • News and Analysis (5/27/09)

    “It’s a very hardening process for children and psychologically very damaging… if you go in as a child who was just having a lark throwing some stones, you may come out as a full-fledged militant”: In Turkey, Hundreds of Minors Imprisoned on ‘Terrorism’ Charges (Christian Science Monitor) Despite the prospects of a more stable Iraq […]

  • News and Analysis (5/26/09)

    Boumediene is seeking financial compensation after 7 years of false imprisonment in Guantanamo: Ex-Detainee Describes Struggle for Exoneration (Washington Post) Despite a highly contested political election, Hezbollah’s opposition refuses to use an inflammatory and unconfirmed German report linking Hezbollah to the Hariri assassination in the campaign: Lebanese Leaders Quiet on Spiegel’s Bombshell Report (Christian Science […]

  • News and Analysis (5/25/09)

    Emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, the finding are the result of a investigation to find out how many soldiers are actually employed by the Iraqi Army: Iraqi Army: Almost One-Quarter Lacks Minimum Qualifications (Christian Science Monitor) Netanyahu continues to ignore international law and promote a hostile political environment because “it makes no sense to […]

  • News and Analysis (5/23-24/09)

    American juries won’t accept contribution of FBI provocateurs with questionable backgrounds as an excuse for criminal activity: Informer’s Role in Bombing Plot (NY Times) Contradicting a Bush era acquiescence to Israeli expansionism, the Obama administration is pressing for a full stop on settlement expansion, including “natural growth” construction: U.S. Urges Israel to End Expansion (Washington […]

  • News and Analysis (5/22/09)

    Masjid members suspect the FBI informant was provocateur: At N.Y. Mosque, Many Suspected an Informant Before 4 Were Arrested in Plot (Washington Post) Giving civil libertarians alarm and Neocons cause to gloat, Obama claims his plan of indefinite detention would follow the “rule of law”… Obama: Bring Guantánamo Detainees to US, Detain Some Indefinitely (Christian […]

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